Wash gantry, roll-over car wash - ROSE JUBO

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Wash gantry, roll-over car wash - JUBO ROSE

Model: ROSE, Type: Rollover automatic friction car wash

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Wash gantry, roll-over car wash - JUBO ROSE

Model: ROSE, Type: Rollover automatic friction car wash


Fast, quiet, safe and reliable wash gantry - rollover car wash - JUBO
JUBO wash gantry with standard 5 brushes spinning and cleaning the vehicle while the rollover gantry moving forward and backward , at highest speed 3 minute to wash a car, power0.1KWH and 60L water consumed.

Throughput, thanks to the adjustable gantry walking motor controlled by VFD, JUBO wash gantry can wash from 15-30 cars per hour.

JUBO WASH GANTRY, Automatic rollover car wash system, 5 brushes friction vehicle wash system, with splendid turnover, Super-Fast, Excellent wash result features, combined with functions of HP Rinse arc, Side brushes, Top brush, Vertical brushes Soap Wax Arc, Spotless Arc, Dryer Arc, etc.


  1. Wheelmaster optional
  2. Lavafall is optional
  3. Plastic belt conveyor is optional


  1. Lava-foam, led color-lightened foam liquid falling to the whole car
  2. Presoak, mud bug and dirties removal chemicals applied with dwell time
  3. HP Rinse, High pressure water washing around the vehicle removing all heavy solids
  4. Wheelmaster, wheel brushes system washes the wheels and tires by elbow stretching technology
  5. Soft cloth brush, A fine soft paint-protective brush gently spinning with foamy water and fraction
  6. HP Wax, A high-pressure wax applied from the HP lance, either high pressure or low pressure configurable
  7. Spot-Free Rinse, Apply spot-free rinse as a final rinse
  8. Dryer, 5.5kw powerful dryers supported with strong turbo impeller to dry the car without fabric touch on the paint.
  9. Anti-collision design, virtual eyes washing there to avoid collision accident


Electricity and power supply3PHASE 380V 50HZ 25kW, 66A
3PHASE 220V 60HZ 25kW,115AElectrical systemFrench SchneiderMin installation dimensionsL11000 x W4200 x H3500mm
L36 x W14 x H12ftMax washing vehicle dimensionsL6000, x W2600 x H2100mm
L20 x W9 x H6.5ftMaterialHot dipped galvanized steel, Stainless steel 304PumpCentrifugal Pump 150L/min 7.5kW = 10HPWater pressure20~30Bar, 130L/min adjustableDryer5.5kw x 4 = 7.5HP x 4Conveyor system(Optional)Steel conveyor + VFD
Flat plastic belt conveyor + VFD (optional)Control systemFrench Schneider PLCWash speed3-5minutes/car, adjustableChemical consumption0.02~0.08L/car, adjustable


Deployed for Chain-business Wash Stations, City Center Wash fleet, outdoor wash stations or near to fuel stations, ideal to make coffee and super-market to enhance revenue, several self-serve wash bays and wash gantry systems will be a good idea to work together. Steel rail is included.


  1. Mini
  2. Sedan
  3. SUV
  4. MPV
  5. Pickup-Truck

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Data sheet

Power supply
3PHASE 380V 50HZ, 25kW
Electrical panel
French Schneider
Min installation dimensions
L11000 x W4200 x H3500mm
Max washing vehicle dimensions
L5500 x W2600 x H2100mm
Hot galvanized steel
Water apply
5~30Bar, 130L/min
5.5kW x 4
Wash speed
3-5minutes/car, adjustable
Chemical consumption
0.02~0.08L/car, adjustable