Innovative car wash manufacturer - JUBO®

Touchless Car Wash System, Self-Serve In-Bay Car Wash, Wash Tunnel, Truck Wash, Garbage Truck Wash, Train Wash

Technology, JUBO is one of the pioneers in the field of high-pressure washes. reliable, tried and tested, and is made even better on a daily basis.

Modularity, JUBO vehicle wash system consists of separated structural components which are compatible each other, withfunctions as optional, so customers can enhance the system abilities.

Revenue, Better system for better life, we totally understand the revenue throughput is key part to washing sites’ owner, with the renovative functions and modern designs and led illuminations to enhance revenue throughput.

Multi-Purpose, JUBO vehicle wash systems suit for variaty purpose, with automatic and self-serve technology support. For exmaple, JUBO SS can wash full-size vehicles, no matter it is bike or sedan or bus or truck, all can be easily washed without any problem.